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Yes, it is true that the search for as social influencers still continues even up to this very day, there are actually those who have found a shortcut by means of purchasing the so-called influencers. But then again, the question now lies on whether the said action defeats the whole purpose of the said tool. Well, we suggest you not to be too quick to judge, most especially if you are not that familiar nor knowledgeable when it comes to it.


In the research and studies that we have conducted, we found out that there are actual websites in the internet that allows people and/or companies to buy Facebook "likes" as well as/or the followers coming from twitter. At first, the thought that crossed our mind was that it was kind a weird a concept since you are literally buying your friends from various social media outlets. We even asked ourselves. "What has gotten in the heads of those who would go through such length just for the purpose of paying such a thing as this? But then again, we suddenly realized that although Facebook, for us, is being used strictly for the purpose of satisfying social reasons like keeping in touch with actual friends or communicating with our family members that are not with us, there are actually quite a number of individuals out there who has been using social media for branding services. Regardless of whether the one they are branding is themselves, the company they are in or they own or perhaps, another company, these social media sites has the ability of providing a forum for the sake of building a name and them market the said name to a wide range of people all over the world. As a matter of fact, you can actually say that they are using social media as influencer marketing it. Take Instagram Influencer Marketing for example. 


Of course, we all know for a fact that word of the mouth influence is still considered as one of the most significant and most effective types of marketing there is and with the existence of social media, it allows influencer marketing to be at a much greater depth. Instead of going and telling your neighbors about the newly released iPad which you have just purchased not too long ago, in hopes of him spreading the news to others, you can now just post it on any social media sites you have an account with like Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram and right there and then, it will appear on your home page as well as the home page of all three hundred of your friends. And surely, there is an actual proof that will tell everything was actually true. Look up Instagram sponsorships online to know more. 


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